Morgan Bates

Assistant Project Scientist
UC Santa Barbara

MRL 3117E
Developing fluid flow and automation techniques for the synthesis and characterization of advanced macromolecular materials.

David Bothman

Principal Development Engineer
California NanoSystems Institute
UC Santa Barbara

3227 Elings
Designing and building scientific instruments, and facilitating researchers who are working on their own projects is the focus of my work these days.

Lubi Lenaburg

Evaluation Co-Lead
Center for Science and Engineering Partnerships
UC Santa Barbara

Elings 1221
Lubi Lenaburg is the Evaluation and Assessment Program Manager at the Center for Science and Engineering Partnerships.

Youli Li

Technical Director, X-ray Diffraction Facility
Materials Research Laboratory
UC Santa Barbara

Our research focuses on applying x-ray diffraction (XRD) methods to study the structure of materials on the sub-nanometer to micro-meter scale.

Tal Margalith

Executive Director
UC Santa Barbara

Elings 3235
Oversight of BioPACIFIC daily operations, shared-use facilities, industry relations, and the User Proposal program.

Fuzzy Rogers

Research Computing Administrator
Center for Scientific Computing
UC Santa Barbara

MRL, 2066B
I focus on facilitating varied and optimal usage of high performance computational resources to a diverse scientific audience, all the while keeping the hardware happy.

Ellie Sciaky

Evaluation Co-Lead
UC Santa Barbara

Ellie works with program coordinators to help them clarify their goals, and determine what kind of outcomes to expect when program goals are accomplished.

Jen Smith

Project Scientist
Lab Manager
Biological Nanostructures Laboratory

Elings 3217
Assists researchers using instrumentation in the Biological Nanostructures Laboratory in research areas from biology to engineering.

Adam Stieg

Executive Director
UC Los Angeles

Dr. Stieg oversees the CNSI at UCLA’s Technology Centers - user facilities that foster innovation, facilitate collaborations with industry, and aid in rapid commercialization.

Paul Weakliem

Computing Support and co-Director
Center for Scientific Computing
UC Santa Barbara

3231 Elings Hall
Co-manages the CSC HPC systems. Assists researchers in using computation, and HPC in furthering their research.

Brian Wolf

Developer / Designer
Life Sciences Computing Group
UC Santa Barbara

2302 Life Sciences
Building websites for UCSB Life Sciences other campus organizations.