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Access to the BioPACIFIC MIP platform is open to all researchers through a peer-reviewed, competitive proposal process. The proposed research should be aligned with BioPACIFIC MIP’s scientific mission of data-driven discovery of bio-derived building blocks and polymers from nature (e.g. yeast, fungi and bacteria), and the conversion of bio-sourced building blocks into next-generation polymers. The proposed research should encompass some or all of the platform’s elements of synthetic biology, synthetic chemistry, additive manufacturing, hierarchical computation and simulation, and property and materials characterization. In-house research proposals must integrate the MGI Approach: Theory, Synthesis, Characterization, and Analysis, and collaborations between UCs is highly encouraged.

Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis (sample requests, data requests, or research projects). The period of performance for BioPACIFIC MIP Research Projects is 1-year at maximum.

It is strongly recommended that applicants first engage with the BioPACIFIC MIP Leadership or User Coordinator to discuss the scope of the proposed work and proposal requirements (Contact Form).

Application Process

First-time User Registration

First-time users should fill out the contact form to initiate a scoping and feasibility discussion with BioPACIFIC MIP personnel.

Contact Form

Proposal Submission

Upload proposals using the appropriate link in the Proposal Submissions Inset. Proposals should include the sections below and address the relevant details. You can download a PDF of these guidelines in the Proposal Guidelines Inset.

Two-Page Project Summary and Description (includes references)

Intellectual Merit

  1. Motivation
  2. Project Plan or Sample Request
  3. Portion of the BioPACIFIC MIP Platform to be used
    • Equipment
    • Materials and Supplies
    • Staff
  4. Shared Facilities outside of BioPACIFIC MIP
  5. Desired outcomes and relevance, including products
  6. Material needs and characteristics (Only for Sample Requests)
  7. Adherence to the MGI Approach (Only for In-House Team proposals)

Broader Impacts

  1. Knowledge to be contributed to the BioPACIFIC MIP community
  2. Materials to be added to the BioPACIFIC MIP libraries (if any)
  3. Data to be added to BioPACIFIC MIP databases
  4. Collaborations with BioPACIFIC MIP Faculty/Staff/other (if any)
  5. Collaborations with groups outside of BioPACIFIC MIP that may leverage the results of this work

One-Page Research Plan (not for Sample / Data Requests)

  1. Team and qualifications
    • Personnel traveling to BioPACIFIC MIP
    • Desired timing for visit(s)
    • Desired duration for stay(s)
  2. Description of quarterly milestones
  3. Additional resources
    • What work will be performed at your home institution(s) to support the proposed work?

Two-Page NSF-style CVs for the Lead PI and Co-PIs.

Proposal Review
  • All proposals will be reviewed for feasibility by the BioPACIFIC MIP technical team
  • User proposals and sample requests will be reviewed by a rotating committee of BioPACIFIC MIP users from the broader community
  • In-House Proposals will be reviewed by the BioPACIFIC MIP leadership

Review Criteria

  • User proposals will be weighted on the following criteria in priority order:
    • How the results will add to the knowledge base and inform future research at BioPACIFIC MIP.
    • The scientific impact of the proposed research to the broader community.
    • The resources applicants will contribute to BioPACIFIC MIP, both intellectually, through activities such as tool building or process development, and materially, such as involvement of graduate students funded outside of the MIP.
    • The diversity of the scientific team or individual.
    • The scope, timing, and impact of the proposed work on the BioPACIFIC MIP resources that will be accessed, such as tooling, supplies, and personnel time.
  • In-house proposals will also be weighted on the successful incorporation of the MGI Approach: Theory, Synthesis, Characterization, and Analysis.
For Accepted Projects
  • All researchers will be asked to register through the BioPACIFIC MIP User Portal
  • Users will need to submit business forms and BioPACIFIC MIP Policy acknowledgements (Policies and Forms)
  • Users will be contacted regarding scheduling and logistics
Financial Assistance
  • Qualified applicants can apply for BioPACIFIC MIP Grants to supplement travel and/or research costs.
  • Qualifications:
    • Selected user proposal for research at BioPACIFIC MIP
    • Applicant must be based at a U.S. university or college not in the Carnegie R1 universities roster
  • Email to discuss