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Access to the BioPACIFIC MIP platform is open to all researchers through a peer-reviewed, competitive proposal process. The proposed research should be aligned with BioPACIFIC MIP’s scientific mission of data-driven discovery of bio-derived building blocks and polymers from nature (e.g. yeast, fungi and bacteria), and the conversion of bio-sourced building blocks into next-generation polymers. The proposed research should encompass some or all of the platform’s elements of synthetic biology, synthetic chemistry, additive manufacturing, hierarchical computation and simulation, and property and materials characterization. 

Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis. BioPACIFIC MIP supports two main types of projects:

  1. Research Projects leverage multiple elements of the platform for material, pathway, or method development. Often, these projects involve multiple cycles through both BioPACIFIC MIP and the user’s home institution. The period of performance for BioPACIFIC MIP Research Projects is dependent on the scope of work but should nominally be completed within 1-year. Users are encouraged to come to BioPACIFIC MIP to carry out portions of the project.
  2. Sample/Service/Data Requests are available for short-duration, limited-scope usage of single tools (e.g., SAXS, microED, biotage) or access to the BioPACIFIC MIP monomer, pathway, and data libraries. Users are welcome to come to BioPACIFIC MIP to carry out portions of the project.

It is strongly recommended that applicants first engage with the BioPACIFIC MIP team to discuss the scope of the proposed work and proposal requirements (Contact Form).

Application Process

Before Preparing a Proposal

We strongly recommend that applicants work with one of our project scientists or with our User Coordinator when planning experiments and writing proposals; they are happy to assist with discussions on scope, feasibility, and access, and can provide guidance on submitting the proposal documents. Applicants can also find and contact any of the experts listed here.

If you would like to be contacted by us to help facilitate introductions and connections, please fill out this form.

Contact Form

Proposal Submission and Content Guidelines

Complete the application and upload proposals using the appropriate link in the Proposal Submissions Inset. BioPACIFIC MIP Proposals should be uploaded as one or more PDFs, covering the two items below. You can download a these guidelines from the Proposal Guidelines Inset. Proposals should not include confidential information.

1. Project Description, including references, addressing the items below if relevant (up to two-pages):

Intellectual Merit and Synergies

  1. Motivation
  2. Project Description or Sample/Service/Data Request Description
  3. Description of the scope of work and technical milestones
  4. What work will be performed at your home institution(s) to support the proposed project
  5. Desired outcomes, including products such as publications, patents, or follow-on proposals
  6. Material and/or data needs and characteristics (Only required for Sample and Data Requests)

Broader Impacts and Synergies

  1. Knowledge to be contributed to the BioPACIFIC MIP community
  2. Materials to be added to the BioPACIFIC MIP libraries, if any
  3. Data to be added to BioPACIFIC MIP databases
  4. Collaborations with BioPACIFIC MIP Faculty/Staff/other, if any
  5. Collaborations with groups outside of BioPACIFIC MIP that may leverage the results of this work
  6. Team, qualifications, and contribution to NSF/BioPACIFIC MIP diversity goals

2. Two-Page NSF-style CVs for the Lead PI and Co-PIs.

Research Plan and Feasibility

After submitting the Project Description, applicants will be directed to complete a short-answer webform Research Plan, in order to assess the project scope and feasibility. This information will only be reviewed by the BioPACIFIC MIP staff and is not part of the material provided to the external review committee.

Answers should not include any confidential information.

Research Plan

  • Portion of the BioPACIFIC MIP Platform to be used; specifying which resource is required for each project goal detailed in the Project Description
    • Equipment – including contextual questions for certain instrumentation (see Project Guidelines PDF)
    • Materials/Data needs and characteristics
    • Staff Engagement
  • Requested access to shared facilities outside of BioPACIFIC MIP, if any
  • What resources will be supplied by the applicant in support of this project, if any
  • Safety Checklist (see Project Guidelines PDF) including a brief description of any hazards
  • BioPACIFIC MIP visit logistics
    • Personnel traveling to BioPACIFIC MIP
    • Desired timing for visit(s)
    • Desired duration for stay(s)
Proposal Review
  • All proposals will be reviewed for feasibility by the BioPACIFIC MIP technical team.
  • User proposals and sample requests will be reviewed by a rotating group of experts from the broader community.
  • In-House Proposals will be reviewed by the BioPACIFIC MIP leadership.
  • The Merit Review form can be found in the Proposal Guidelines Inset. This form will be returned to the proposer without modification.
For Accepted Projects
  • Users will need to submit business forms, a public-facing abstract and figure, and BioPACIFIC MIP Policy acknowledgements (Policies and Forms).
  • Users will be contacted regarding scheduling and logistics.
Financial Assistance
  • Qualified applicants can apply for BioPACIFIC MIP funding to supplement travel and/or research costs.
  • Qualifications:
    • Selected user proposal for research at BioPACIFIC MIP
    • Applicant must be based at a U.S. university or college not in the Carnegie R1 universities roster
  • Email to discuss.

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