2021 Events

As part of the BioPACIFIC MIP series of webinars, Prof. Davita Watkins from the University of Mississippi will present "Supramolecular Polymer Hybrids: Linear-Dendritic Block Copolymers (LDBCs) as Novel Strategies for Theranostic Nanomedicine". Register to receive webinar link.

In the November installment of the BioPACIFIC MIP Seminar Series, Prof. Alshakim Nelson from the University of Washington will present "How Do You Get Here", sharing his experiences as a scientist in both industry and academia. Register to receive webinar link.

In the second of our BioPACIFIC MIP Seminar Series, UCSB Professor Craig Hawker will discuss "Entrepreneurial Polymer Chemistry", linking bench top research to the development of commercial products. Register to receive the webinar link.

A new monthly webinar series featuring research talks by leaders in the field of biomaterials kicks off on September 13 (1pm PT) with Prof. Christopher Bowman, from the University of Colorado Boulder, presenting on “Polymers and Light: Towards Advanced Photoresponsive Materials”. Register to receive webinar link.

Come learn about scalable production of bio-derived building blocks and polymers from yeast, fungi, and bacteria!

Do research at BioPACIFIC MIP! Learn about the platform, our user program and proposal process, new instrumentation, and upcoming events.

Do research at BioPACIFIC MIP! Learn about the BioPACIFIC MIP Platform, the User Proposal process, and the BioPACIFIC MIP Associates program.