2022 Events

All-MIP symposium at the Fall MRS Meeting.

Do research at BioPACIFIC MIP! This virtual event will feature breakouts with the BioPACIFIC MIP technical and operations team to address your questions on equipment capabilities, proposal preparation and submission, and more. Register to receive the Zoom link. 11am PST / 2pm EST.

Dr. Morgan Bates will present an overview of BioPACIFIC MIP at the ACS Fall Meeting.

Come learn about scalable production of bio-derived building blocks and polymers from yeast, fungi, and bacteria! The 2022 BioPACIFIC MIP Summer School will feature both topical lectures (Zoom) and in-person workshops at UCLA and UCSB. Application required for the workshops; register for access to the online lectures.

As part of the BioPACIFIC MIP Seminar Series, Professor Jason Hein of the University of British Columbia will discuss "Flexible Automation: A New Approach to Meet Evolving Challenges". Register to receive the webinar link.

Join BioPACIFIC MIP, the Materials Research Laboratory, and the Dow MI center for back to back seminars by Prof. Jia Niu ("Sustainability-Oriented Approaches to Precision Main-Chain Macromolecules") and Prof. Christian Pester ("Shining Light on Polymer Surfaces"). Register to receive webinar link.

The March BioPACIFIC MIP Seminar features Jan C.M. van Hest, professor of Bio-Organic Chemistry at the Eindhoven University of Technology and Director of the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems, presenting on "Polymer-Based Artificial Cells and Organelles". Register to receive the webinar link.

In February's BioPACIFIC MIP Seminar, Prof. Marc Hillmyer, McKnight Presidential Endowed Chair at the University of Minnesota and Director of the Center for Sustainable Polymers will discuss "Polyester Copolymers for Sustainable Plastics and Elastomers". Register to receive webinar link.