Materials Library

BioPACIFIC MIP aims to drive the discovery and production of novel bio-derived materials by enabling access to a community-supported library of monomers and polymers. Available materials are listed in the BioPACIFIC MIP Materials Library directory and can be requested via a Sample Request proposal.


We strongly recommend that applicants work with one of our project scientists or with our User Coordinator when planning experiments and writing proposals; they are happy to assist with discussions on scope, feasibility, and access, and can provide guidance on submitting the proposal documents. Specifically for Sample Requests, applicants will be asked to quantify the amount of sample requested in order to assess the feasibility of the project.

Submitting Sample Requests

Sample Request applications and proposal uploads should be made using the link in the Proposal Submissions Inset. BioPACIFIC MIP Proposals should cover the elements below. Proposals should not include confidential information.

Project Description, including references, addressing the items below if relevant (up to two-pages):

Intellectual Merit and Synergies

  1. Motivation
  2. Project Description or Sample Request Description
  3. Desired outcomes and relevance, including products
  4. What work will be performed at your home institution(s) to support the proposed project
  5. Description of quarterly technical milestones
  6. Material needs and characteristics (Required for Sample Requests)

Broader Impacts and Synergies

  1. Knowledge to be contributed to the BioPACIFIC MIP community
  2. Materials to be added to the BioPACIFIC MIP libraries (if any)
  3. Data to be added to BioPACIFIC MIP databases
  4. Collaborations with BioPACIFIC MIP Faculty/Staff/other (if any)
  5. Collaborations with groups outside of BioPACIFIC MIP that may leverage the results of this work
  6. Team, qualifications, and contribution to NSF/BioPACIFIC MIP diversity goals

A two-page NSF-style CV for the Lead PI should be included.

Full details on proposal submission and downloadable guidelines can be found here.

 Proposal Submissions

 Library Contributions

If you have materials that can be added to the BioPACIFIC MIP Materials Library, please provide details using this intake form.