Stratasys Objet30 Pro Polyjet Printer

Versatile, high-accuracy polyjet printer.
UC Santa Barbara
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Additive Manufacturing
Stratasys Objet30
Stratasys Objet30

The Stratasys Objet30 Pro is a versatile, high accuracy polyjet printer. This printing technology uses microfluidic print heads to deposit material in thin layers that are cured with a UV lamp. The build size is 300 x 200 x 150 mm, and typical layer thicknesses of 20um. The printer has two print heads – one for a structural material, and the other for a removable support material.

The Objet30 is available to BioPACIFIC users as part of the MIP program through the CNSI Microfluidics Laboratory.


David Bothman

Principal Development Engineer
California NanoSystems Institute
UC Santa Barbara

Juan Manuel Urueña

Project Scientist
UC Santa Barbara