Mono3 DLP Printer

Multi-wavelength light-driven projection printer.
UC Santa Barbara
Research Areas
Additive Manufacturing
Synthesis and Formulation
Mono3 DLP Printer
Mono3 DLP Printer

Mono3 is a light-driven printer that uses three different LEDs 459, 520, 617 nm to convert liquid resin into solid objects. Mono3 uses a Digital Light Processing (DLP) chip to project a patterned light that selectively exposes and hardens the resin. This technology allows for the entire layer to be exposed at once, allowing for fast build speeds independent of object complexity.


  • Print technology: DLP
  • Projected image: 1280 x 800 px
  • Pixel resolution (XY): 25 – 70 µm
  • Layer thickness: 5 – 100 µm
  • Excitation wavelength: 459, 520, 617 nm
  • Power: 10 – 30 mW/cm^2
  • Print speed: 25.4 mm/hour (varies with resin and layer thickness)
  • Z-precision (motor-driven): 25 µm
  • Max build volume: 134 x 76 x 125 mm (1.27 L)
  • Slicer software: MonoWare


Juan Manuel Urueña

Project Scientist
UC Santa Barbara