Formlabs Form2 SLA Printer

Liquid resin stereolithographic 3D printer.
UC Santa Barbara
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Additive Manufacturing
Formlabs Form 2 Printer
Formlabs Form 2 Printer

The Formlabs Form 2 printers are liquid resin stereolithographic 3D printers capable of producing high resolution accurate models out of a variety of materials. Liquid resin printers use a bath of reactive resin which is precisely cured using a 405nm laser. This printer is particularly well suited for thin high aspect ratio features and models requiring great surface accuracy. The lab stocks several different solid and elastomeric resins. The build volume is 145 x 145 x 175 mm. The layer thickness is 25-100um. The FormWash station is used to clean residual resin, and the FormCure UV station is available for parts that benefit from post curing in a heated chamber with UV illumination.

The Form 2 is available to BioPACIFIC users as part of the MIP program through the CNSI Innovation Workshop.


David Bothman

Principal Development Engineer
California NanoSystems Institute
UC Santa Barbara

Juan Manuel Urueña

Project Scientist
UC Santa Barbara