UCLA Professor Ellen Sletten chosen for the prestigious 2020-2021 McCoy Award

Recognizing contribution to chemistry and biochemistry.
May 25, 2021
Ellen Sletten
Ellen Sletten

Professor Ellen Sletten has been chosen for the prestigious 2020-2021 McCoy Award, which recognizes the researcher in the department who has made the greatest contribution of the year to the science of chemistry and biochemistry.

Sletten and coworkers developed bright fluorophores for shortwave infrared emission, the region of the electromagnetic spectrum beyond where the eye can see. These new emitters allow researchers to image through skin and tissue, allowing for real-time non-invasive fluorescent imaging in mice. This work has the potential to lead to safe, low-cost optical diagnostics in clinical settings.

Professor Sletten is a Senior Participant in BioPACIFIC MIP in the area of synthesis and formulation.