BioPACIFIC MIP at APS March Meeting

Date and Time
Las Vegas, NV

Attending the APS March Meeting in Las Vegas, NV? Hear and interact with BioPACIFIC MIP researchers:

Oral Presentations

  • Unraveling the phase behavior of block copolymer materials, Christopher Bates (UCSB), Session W12 March 9, 3:36pm
  • A colloidal model for equilibrium assembly and liquid-liquid phase separation of reflectin protein, Tse-Chiang Huang (UCSB), Session Y09 March 10, 10:00am
  • Salt weakens intermicellar interactions and structuring in bulk solutions and foam films, Samanvaya Srivastava (UCLA), Session K05 March 7, 5:12pm
  • Induced domain transformations in polyelectrolyte complex hydrogels, Holly Senebandith (UCLA), Session Y09 March 10, 9:48am
  • Enzyme kinetics in salt resistant complex coacervate emulsions, Advait Holkar (UCLA), Session F16 March 7, 10:36am
  • Factors governing polyelectrolyte complexation in non-ideal environments, Divya Iyer (UCLA), Session K14 March 7, 3:24pm
  • Excluded volume tunes water diffusivity near non-polar surfaces, Audra DeStefano (UCSB), Session F05 March 7, 9:24am
  • On the absence of knock-on damage in lithium metal at cryogenic temperatures, Matt Mecklenburg (UCLA), Session A45 March 6, 10:00am
  • Motility induced phase separation of deformable cells, Austin Hopkins (UCSB), Session S11 March 9, 8:48am
  • Single-molecule force experiments reveal effects of sequence charge on polyelectrolyte conformation, Hoang Truong (UCSB), Session S04 March 9, 9:12pm


  • Controlling ensemble chain conformations with precise sequence patterning of polypeptoids, Shawn Mengel (UCSB), Session N00 March 8, 11:00am
  • Development of a high brilliance laboratory SAXS beamline at NSF BioPACIFIC MIP for high throughput in-situ structural characterization, Youli Li (UCSB), Session G00 March 7, 2:00pm

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