Mengyang Gu

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Fang, X., Gu, M., & Wu, J. (2022). Reliable emulation of complex functionals by active learning with error control. Arxiv.
Luo, Y., Gu, M., Edwards, C., Valentine, M., & Helgeson, M. (2022). High-throughput microscopy to determine morphology, microrheology, and phase boundaries applied to phase separating coacervates. "Soft Matter", "18", 3063-3075."10.1039/D1SM01763B" (Original work published 03/2022AD)
Gu, M., Luo, Y., He, Y., Helgeson, M., & Valentine, M. (2021). Uncertainty quantification and estimation in differential dynamic microscopy. Phys. Rev. E, 104, 034610. (Original work published Sep)