Matthew Mecklenburg

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Yang, K. -C., Mirabal, D., Garcia, R., Vlahakis, N., Nguyen, P., Mengel, S., et al. (2024). Crystallization-Induced Flower-like Superstructures via Peptoid Helix Assembly. Acs Macro Letters, 13, 423-428. (Original work published 03/2024AD)
Chen, Y., Lodico, J., Ling, X., Regan, B., & Mecklenburg, M. (2022). Detecting Temperature-Induced Strain Changes using In Situ Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction. Microscopy And Microanalysis, 28, 576-577. (Original work published 08AD)
Chen, Y., Chan, H., Regan, B., & Mecklenburg, M. (2022). In Situ Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction Observation of Thin-Film GST Crystal Phase and Grain Evolution. Microscopy And Microanalysis, 28, 2314-2315. (Original work published 08AD)
Mecklenburg, M., & Saha, A. (2022). Progress Towards More Accurate and Precise MicroED Measurements. Microscopy And Microanalysis, 28, 1072–1073.
Mecklenburg, M., Yuan, X., & Li, Y. (2022). Curiously Absent Knock-On Damage of Lithium Metal at Cryogenic Temperatures. Microscopy And Microanalysis, 28, 1198–1199.