Erik Hopkins

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Bailey, S., Hopkins, E., Baxter, N., Whitehead, I., de Alaniz, J., & Wilson, M. (2023). Diels-Alder Photoclick Patterning of Extracellular Matrix for Spatially Controlled Cell Behaviors. Advanced Materials, n/a, 2303453.
Bailey, S., Hopkins, E., Rael, K., Hashmi, A., Urueña, J., Wilson, M., & de Alaniz, J. (2023). Design, Synthesis, and Application of a Water-soluble Photocage for Aqueous Cyclopentadiene-based Diels-Alder Photoclick Chemistry in Hydrogels. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, n/a, e202301157. (Original work published 02/2023AD)
Bailey, S., Stricker, F., Hopkins, E., Wilson, M., & de Alaniz, J. (2021). Shining Light on Cyclopentadienone–Norbornadiene Diels–Alder Adducts to Enable Photoinduced Click Chemistry with Cyclopentadiene. Acs Applied Materials \& Interfaces, 13, 35422-35430.