Gyros Protein Technologies Prelude® X Peptide Synthesizer

Automated parallel syntheses of peptides, peptidomimetics, and peptide-polymer conjugates.
UC Santa Barbara
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Synthesis and Formulation
Prelude X
Prelude X

The Prelude X system (Gyros Protein Technologies) enables users to synthesize novel peptides and related structures (peptoids and other solid-phase synthesized sequence specific materials) not available for commercial purchase, providing a lower cost solution for producing peptides with non-natural amino-acids, and supporting the synthesis of branching or cyclic peptides.

Multi-user accessibility is facilitated via 6 reaction stations, enabling different sequences, scales, and protocols on each reactor. Typical scales span 10 mg to 2 g of resin in 10- or 40-mL reaction vessels (RVs) with induction heating up to 90°C for each RV to accelerate difficult deprotections and couplings. Agitation is performed by nitrogen bubbling, oscillation mixing, or a combination of these. The Prelude X has also been pre-configured with a number of optimized methods for rapid peptide and peptoid synthesis.

The Prelude X is available to BioPACIFIC MIP users through the CNSI Biological Nanostructures Laboratory


Morgan Bates

Project Scientist
UC Santa Barbara

Jen Smith

Project Scientist
Lab Manager
Biological Nanostructures Laboratory

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